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Smugglers of the world’s hottest rhythms and grooves, Candonga’s musical horizon has no limitations. Funk, Soul, Afrobeat, Salsa, Jazz, you name it – musical landscapes and moods that will have you dancing and fill you with joy!

Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and samples, voice/percussion (possibility of adding a wind card, with trumpet and saxophone).

Freddie & The Pickpockets


Starting as buskers, playing all over Lisbon’s streets and most scenic spots; Freddie and the Pickpockets’ music attracted tourists, and where there are tourists there also are, inevitably, pickpockets. That’s where this Trio, that’s been active for the last decade, got its name from. Bringing the eternal jazz standards and the swing of Brazilian Bossa Nova or Cuban Boleros together with the soundscapes of 60’s and 70’s Black America; they’ve been mixing these musical elements up in a multi-cultural melting pot bound to create the perfect atmosphere for the listeners that cross their path.

Timeless music, treated with the respect and admiration that the great classics deserve.

Guitar, saxophone and voice/percussion.



First, add a new set of guitar strings to a typical Portuguese codfish recipe. Add a good measure of saxophone and stir carefully until the samba is warm enough to have you tapping your right foot. Serve it while its hot, pairing it with a swaying and stylish singing voice, freshly chopped percussion and loads of good Portuguese wine.

Sambacalao is what happens when a Portuguese singer and saxophone player joins a Spanish guitarist, and both share a passion for Brazilian music. With great musical connection, they infuse classic tunes of the latin songbook into unique moments to listen, dance, and enjoy life!

Diogo Picão - Voice, soprano saxophone.

Olmo Marín - Voice, 7-string guitar.

Ever After 


Ever After are a versatile band, familiarized with the Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock and Pop universes; never shying away from building a repertoire that stands to the occasion. Adapting easily to different formats (they can form a trio, quartet, quintet or sextet, according to the intended musical mood); Ever After will meet the clients’ wishes, always aiming at creating musical moments and atmospheres that stay in the hearts and memories of everyone present at their concerts..

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