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It’s common knowledge that a DJ can be an essential part of a party or event; playing a big part in its success. With that in mind, we have always aimed at creating great memories for our clients! For that, we work together with our clients so we can have an in depth picture of what they idealize. Our briefing method helps us systemizing our preparation work, so we can better adapt it to our clients’ needs and wishes and build dynamic sets that were specifically tailored for their event!

Fred Nolasco


It really does feel great every single time: getting to the end of a party, happy but tired, looking around and realizing everybody’s cheerful and happy. To be certain you were part of that joy, that you gave your best, and it payed: that is the greatest feeling a DJ can get! And that, above all, is what I work for. To make it happen you need to understand the dancefloor, to get a feeling for what the crowd is asking for and what it needs, to keep everybody dancing – without ever compromising the clients’ briefing. It can sometimes be a very tough job, one that requires skill and the right resources, but I’m happy to say I’ve had only success stories and happy clients! It really is all about having new challenges and embracing them – and I hope I can still do this for a long time!

Diogo Belo


Since I was a kid, my greatest passion has been researching music and collecting records (on CD and vinyl). I dedicate as much time as I can into listening to the most varied types of music and as a result I am always the one who makes the selections and playlists for my friends’ gatherings and parties! Working as a DJ comes as an inevitable extension of this healthy obsession.I’ve had clients with very different musical tastes, and I love adapting my sets into making them happy! Up until now, I have prepared my events effectively and got super positive feedback on my work. Now, I’ll keep digging for new and exciting music so I can bring it to the dancefloor!

Miguel Machado 


My Djing adventures started when i was 16, and at that time the digital technology had nothing to do with what we have today! When I started it was all about spinning vynil. I worked legendary Lisbon clubs like Paradise Garage, Alcântara or Indústria and even some parties with international DJ’s! Nowadays, I’m a resident DJ at Cargo 111 Bar and it’s through my work there that I keep track of the new tendencies. In my early years I played, essencially, House music; but now I became a much more eclectic DJ, adapting easily to whatever role I am given to play.

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