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Coolbeat was born out of the will to reconcile my two greatest passions - to sing and play with my band and work as a professional DJ. I found deep professional fulfillment in these two musical activities, and also realized that they intertwine perfectly - each developing with the other; in constant creative evolution. As a plus, I found Coolbeat was much needed in our market.  Never saying no to a new challenge, encompassing both live music and DJing at a pro level, we provide a singular offer in the Portuguese landscape.

Our bands started up while I was studying Jazz Vocals and Trumpet at Hot Clube, a Lisbon based music school. Today, almost a decade past; we have two solid and eclectic projects that never cling to any specific musical stereotype. Our greatest ambition is to make people happy with our music. When everyone’s dancing and having a good time, life is just better! That’s what we aim for: playing great music, having loads of fun together with the crowd. Recently, we also started working on our original compositions, based and inspired by the vast myriad of artists we admire, both individually and collectively.

 Coolbeat found such sucess that soon we were overwhelmed with requests. That’s when we decided to expand our offer and incorporate other bands into our portfolio. These are great musical projects that have our personal friendship and trust, and we love working with them!

As a DJ, i work with the same passion as i work with my bands. Ever since I started working professionally, I’ve been improving my technical side, my musical selection and, above all, my observation skills – to adapt to circumstances and musical tastes of a certain crowd is a must have skill for any DJ; and not one that can be taught in DJ school!

Our DJ Crew grew with the inclusion of two great new partners. Thanks to our unique event preparation method and our professional drive and dedication; we have been getting very positive feedback from our clients and their guests. Above all, our professional mantra: “Your Event, Your Music” – we want to get to our clients’ imagination of what a perfect party would be like, and we want that realization to be the engine of our success.

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